KHK Consulting LLC (KHK) is a leading manufacturing consulting firm focusing mainly on the Plastics (Injection & Blow Molding) Industry, small to medium sized business plannings and European business interests in the US.  With over 20 years of proven expertise KHK Consulting LLC has become the specialist in guiding and supporting both parent companies and their US subsidiaries.  We are dedicated to helping client organizations strengthen their productivity, profitability, customer satisfaction and market position by providing management and support solutions through the integration of people, technology and business systems.  Our go-to-market approach to involve and team up early in the project with complementary capabilities across different industry sectors secures wins for our customers.

KHK Consulting LLC’s consultants effectively combine a diverse base of industrial, functional and cultural experience.

The company maintains the highest levels of professionalism, proficiency, thoroughness and timeliness in its activities.