KHK Consulting LLC (KHK) is a leading manufacturing consulting firm focusing mainly on the Plastics (Injection & Blow Molding) Industry, small to medium sized business plannings and European business interests in the US.  With over 20 years of proven expertise KHK Consulting LLC has become the specialist in guiding and supporting both parent companies and their US subsidiaries.  KHK Consulting LLC’s multi-lingual consultants have impeccable educational backgrounds and effectively combine a diverse base of industrial, functional, cultural and international experience.  We regularly pool resources across our network to operate as one borderless team, ensuring that we harness the best resources to meet the needs of our clients.  The company maintains the highest levels of professionalism, proficiency, thoroughness and timeliness in its activities.

Manufacturers must deal with complex global challenges such as increasing customer expectations, lower cost competitors, fluctuating commodity prices and an unstable global economy, all while depending on a network of partners and suppliers working seamlessly to meet these rising demands.  KHK Consulting LLC collaborates with manufacturers to help them devise agile strategies, managing across a global ecosystem of suppliers, partners and customers.

KHK Consulting LLC was founded by Karl Kitze, who remains the company’s President and CEO.  Mr. Kitze received his degree in Electronics with a major in Telecommunications from the University of Paderborn in Germany.  After working for AEG Telefunken Telecommunication Technology, he returned to Paderborn and became a lecturer at the InBIT institute, in Electronics, Microprocessor Technology, Project Planning and Project Realization.  With his more than 20 years experience in the Plastics and Optical Disc Industry, Mr. Kitze is one of the Plastics/Optical Disc Industry’s most experienced executives.  At the 1998 CD Pioneers Party Mr. Kitze was honored by the SIGCAT Foundation for his contributions to the CD-ROM Publishing Industry.  During his career he has setup several Injection Molding/Optical Disc Replication Facilities in Mexico, Brazil, Ireland and the US, including the selection and training of personnel.  Mr. Kitze has held various international management positions with Bertelsmann AG and served on the Optical Disc Manufacturing Association’s (ODMA) Board of Directors.  He founded, an internet buying and selling marketplace, enjoys flying private airplanes whenever he can and is a member of the Airplane Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA).

KHK Consulting LLC’s headquarters are located in Bakersville, North Carolina, USA. The address is:

  • KHK Consulting LLC

  • 20 Redbud Lane
  • Bakersville, NC 28705, USA
  • T: +1 828-688-2109
  • E: Info(at)