Our Mission

KHK Consulting LLC’s mission is to provide innovative, high-quality services that significantly improve the way our clients do business while maximizing the use of technology.  Within this framework, KHK
Consulting LLC strives to motivate key client stakeholders; target value-added business processes; strategically leverage the right technology; and quantitatively measure performance to achieve and surpass client expectations.  The key to achieve our goals is our work environment that fosters teamwork, encourages continuous professional development, and gives every employee the opportunity to reach his/her career goals through challenging work.

Our Approach to Consulting

“Never promise more than you can deliver and always deliver more than you promise.”

We differ from other consulting firms not only in our level of experience but also in our approach to helping our clients.  We accept no engagements without first making a thorough evaluation of the needs of the client company, the goals of its management and the fit between our two companies.  The Preliminary Survey provides both the client and us the opportunity to determine the
appropriateness of a potential consulting engagement.

Our approach to the practice of management consulting differs as well.  Unlike others who form endless committees which discuss and study rather than move to action, we put projects in motion within the agreed upon time.  We know that our clients are willing to make an investment in their businesses, but we also know they expect to see a return.

Our Pledge of Confidentiality

Under no circumstances shall any information concerning our clients be released without the prior approval of the client, unless by legal requirement.  Our firm will not disclose any confidential client information or data to any person or business entity, other than to our employees and agents whose knowledge of the information or data is required for the performance of their professional duties.

All professionals associated with our firm are persons who, by training, education and experience, are skilled in providing the services required.  They are bound under the terms of this Pledge of Confidentiality.  Any confidential information obtained is to be used for analysis purposes only, so that our firm may provide the best service possible to our clients.

Our Operating Values

  • Commit to excellence
  • Treat people fairly;
  • Value diversity
  • Insist on integrity
  • Communicate honestly, openly, and directly
  • Listen with an open mind;
  • Learn from everything
  • Respect, trust, and encourage others
  • Take responsibility;
  • Lead by example
  • Work as a team
  • Have fun

“What matters are not the words but all the small decisions we make every day, the way we live out our values.”

Karl Kitze
President & CEO