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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions opportunity presenters ask when listing their Business, Employment or Mfg. Equipment Buy/Sell Opportunities on

How much does a subscription cost?

Partners can subscribe to one or to all of the Opportunity categories by paying either a monthly fee of US$ 99.00, a semi annual fee of US$ 549.00 or an annual fee of US$ 999.00 per category. During the subscribed time period, a Partner can list as many opportunities as s/he wants. No additional fees are charged.

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Do I have to pay a commission when an Opportunity deal is closed?

No! You sell your opportunity yourself with an ad on, you do not pay KHK Consulting LLC commissions.

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Can I list new Opportunities?

Yes! KHK Consulting LLC does not differentiate between existing opportunities or new opportunities. You can list even franchise ideas.

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What's the best way to promote my Opportunity?

Use as many of the featured ad options as possible and describe your opportunity as best as you can. Your ad's headline is critical. If your headline doesn't entice the reader to click to learn more, you've lost a prospect. Remember, your add is competing with other ads appearing on the screen at the same time. You need to make sure that a prospect clicks on your ad first. If s/he checks another ad first, s/he will probably never be back to check your ad. An image of your company's logo, business or mfg. equipment for sale is always helpful and makes an ad more appealing.
Remember: You can edit your ad as often as you want within your subscription period to see what works and what doesn't.

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Can I pay by check?

Yes! Please make your check payable to KHK Consulting LLC and mail it to KHK Consulting LLC's address. After the check clears, our System Administrator will enable access to your opportunity listing forms. Currently KHK Consulting LLC does not except credit card payments.

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Can I email or fax you my ad?

No! To maintain our low cost structure and subscription fees, all ads have to be placed through our on-line forms.

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Do you sell my email address?

Absolutely not! Only that information that you reveal in your ad is made public.

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How can I protect my identity?

When filling out the form to list your ad, you can reveal as much or as little information about yourself as you wish. Some of the ways to keep your identity confidential is not to reveal your name, telephone number, etc.

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I forgot my login details to edit my ad. How do I get them?

Use the "Forgot your login details" function in User Login. By sending us either your email address or your user name we will email you your login details with a new generated password. You are advised to change your password again immediately after logging in next time.

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