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News Title: Singulus STREAMLINE II DVDR – Now available for Dual Layer formats
Published on: 05/15/2005
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Category: Optical Disc Mfg.
Description: Due to its modular design, the STREAMLINE II DVDR is already prepared to incorporate all new elements necessary for the production of Dual Layer discs. The Dual Layer option can now be ordered as an extension for new lines or as an upgrade for existing STREAMLINE II DVDR machines.

Specially designed for mass production of the new high-end formats, the fast and reliable STREAMLINE II DVDR is proven for high speed DVDR with 16x recording speed and for Dual Layer DVDR with a storage capacity of 8.5 gigabytes.

SINGULUS has developed and optimized a highly productive and cost-effective production process for DVDR DL discs which is based on a “reverse layer 1” mastering technique, comparable to DVD 9 production. The additional thin film coating elements at different positions can be retrofitted to all existing STREAMLINE II DVDR machines.

SINGULUS’ profound R&D activities in all multiply interacting process fields - including mastering and molding - generate the expertise to design reliable and highly productive machines, to react quickly to new technological challenges and to extract all necessary process know-how within reasonable time for the transfer to the users of our equipment. Competence in systems business is considered to be essential to cope with the challenges of new disc formats.

The prototype of a complete inline system produces DVDR Dual Layer discs at the headquarters since December 2004, first customer installations are expected in Q1/2005.
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