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News Title: M2 Develops its Own Molding Technology with Toyo
Published on: 06/02/2005
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Category: Optical Disc Mfg.
Description: Sweden-based line supplier M2 announced development of its own injection molding machine, in cooperation with one of its long-term partners, Toyo of Japan.

The new molding technology has been added to M2's SQ200 DVD replication system, making the company a complete-solution provider of optical disc production systems for the global market.

The molding unit is fully electric and employs unique M2 technology for increased process windows and low cycle times. Cost of operation is very low, M2 says: among several cost-reducing factors is a power-saving of up to 50 percent compared to other machines.

The SQ200, which touts a cycle time of less than two seconds per disc and a daily capacity of 36,000 DVD discs, is also suitable for HD DVD production. M2 said it would bring Blu-ray production capability to market in 2006.
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