A properly developed and administered contract is an essential element of any project.  Without a contract, costs can get out of control and jobs fall behind schedule.  Furthermore, the company is exposed to serious legal risks.  KHK Consulting LLC can assist with your contract development, implementation and contract management.

KHK Consulting LLC’s Services to you:

  • Evaluate your current contracting procedures & making recommendations
  • Provide training classes for your staff in contract law, contractual risk transfer, intellectual property, labor law & other contract related topics.
  • Develop a system of tools to identify, monitor, report and manage key contract obligations, such as indemnities, insurance, warranty, delivery terms, taxes & duties, liquidated damages, governing law, force majeure, title transfer, risk of loss, financial performance instruments & others.
  • Formulate standard contract language and reviewing this with your customer’s legal counsel
  • Computerize the preparation and storage of contracts & supporting documentation
  • Establish policy & procedure for developing and administrating contracts, including worksite guidelines.
  • Implement contracting systems & policies, provide training, monitor performance & suggest changes to improve performance