KHK Consulting LLC assists its clients in the analysis of their market position, the development of realistic market strategies, and the implementation of these strategies. Our focus is clearly product-oriented by identifying relevant market niches, analyzing competitors and evaluating the important market parameters.

KHK Consulting LLC’s analyses rely on data drawn from the marketplace, and on direct input from market participants. Our proposals and suggestions are realistic and reflect the special situations of European companies and their US subsidiaries.

KHK Consulting LLC’s Services to you:

Market Entry Studies

  • Organization of fact-finding visits
  • Market and Product Analysis
  • Competitor identification
  • Site location studies
  • Market strategy development

Market Position Analysis

  • Sales and distribution channel analysis
  • Image studies
  • Competitor analyses
  • Review of marketing strategies

Organizational Review

  • Corporate organization and structure analyses
  • Management evaluations
  • Management workshops

Active Memberships in Board of Directors

  • At present, partners of KHK Consulting LLC serve as Directors on the boards of several US and European companies