Whether ISO certified or not, a company’s Quality System can radically improve the efficiency of a business, while ensuring a higher level of consistent quality.  By defining chains of command, expectation and procedures, and setting up systems to monitor how effectively objectives are being met, can help eliminate loopholes, duplicated effort and “gray areas” of responsibility.

Advantages of an effective Quality System:

  1. Establishes a system for management to set and monitor quality goals
  2. Allows management to review internal quality audits & take corrective action
  3. Ensures that all employees are adequately trained
  4. Puts quality policies and procedures in place to ensure that personnel understand the objectives of the quality system, adhere to them and meet the established goals
  5. Establishes procedures for monitoring and reviewing the effectiveness of the operation, assigning responsibility, and ensuring that the necessary resources & personnel are in place to maintain the systems
  6. Identifies chains of commands and areas of responsibility
  7. Provides an up-to-date organization chart clearly defining responsibilities

KHK Consulting LLC’s Services to you:

  • Evaluate existing ISO Quality Systems & recommend improvements
  • Develop ISO procedures for small & medium sized companies
  • Prepare and conduct ISO Quality orientation & training
  • Manage third party ISO Quality development efforts
  • Help find capable Quality staff personnel