For maximum effectiveness, Information Technology Solutions must be coordinated and integrated.  Frequently, however, when new software has been added at different times to address different issues, conflicts arise, bottlenecks develop and there is also redundant effort.

KHK Consulting LLC will evaluate your current setup, make recommendations and assist in the development of cost-effective and customized IT solutions streamlined to your business operation.  

Some of the services KHK Consulting LLC offers include:

IT Supplier Management

KHK Consulting LLC will coordinate and manage your IT suppliers.

KHK Consulting LLC’s Services to you:

  • Evaluate the capabilities & qualifications of your IT supplier with regard to your business objectives.
  • Develop IT supplier implementation & integration plans
  • Write, negotiate and manage IT supplier goods & service contracts with your IT supplier
  • Perform hands-on management of the IT supplier’s activities
  • Provide other related outside supplier management services

Process Software

Confused by the “geek speak” of business software?  KHK Consulting LLC can help you choose the right software for your business process.  Whenever possible, KHK Consulting LLC recommends existing software solutions to minimize cost and reduce integration and implementation time.

KHK Consulting LLC’s Services to you:

  • Perform feasibility studies & cost/benefit analyses
  • Study & recommend software to meet specific requirements
  • Develop & implement software integration plans
  • Develop & manage procedures & setup user training for the software users

Web Design, Development and Implementation

Especially for smaller and medium-sized companies the Internet is the way to promote the company and its products.  KHK Consulting LLC and its affiliates are experienced in design, development and implementation of commercially used websites.

KHK Consulting LLC’s Services to you:

  • Perform a needs analyses
  • Design the website layout including database design
  • Program the web pages and database
  • Select a hosting company
  • Implement the website
  • Maintain website